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VOi IT SOLUTIONS is one of the leading erp software companies in UAE with years of experience in ERP development and implementation. Our ERP Software integrates activities across functional departments from project planning, financial management and inventory control to payment processing. In addition, VOi ERP offers highly scalable interface which can be deployed on-premise, on the cloud based or as a hybrid model.



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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a business management system that integrates all facts of the business including planning, manufacturing, marketing, finance and accounting. ERP System Dubai helps to integrate all departments and functions across a company into a single computer system to improve your performance and to enhance your business process.


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Your ERP software must offer the vital feature of integration, integrating means to blend with the existing structure of the enterprise after analyzing and communicating, with all departments. For this, all standalone ERP systems should provide a suite of applications to work together in harmony. allowing no chance of discrepancy between the teams and reducing errors and costs.
Automation reduces all the tedious tasks in payroll, order entry, accounting, invoicing and reporting without errors or slowdown. It’s therefore considered a necessary feature that cuts down the costs and time of the processes, giving more focus on important assignments and optimizing the time of employees, ensuring effective workdays.
Your ERP providers must also ensure that your data relating to all business operations, which includes client data, production statistics, sales data are processed and recorded for analysis, the analysis feature will help your software to find the trends and patterns in your processes, in return the ERP software can forecast the future business decisions.

Data analysis will give you a clear picture to predict demand, create a budget and analyze your HR functions. Check out some of our articles on this topic over here.

Your ERP can manage all your CRM data. A centralized CRM is vital for quick access to billing information and customer addresses when processing shipments. CRM tools in the ERP can also help you handle marketing, automation, sales pipeline activity, and lead management. You can create campaigns, track customers, and gauge customer satisfaction.
The ERP tools help you efficient management of the enterprise of all accounting duties like accounts payable, accounts receivable, risk management, fixed asset management, invoice, and (VAT) tax management. It improves accuracy and processing time, and reduce the burden of your staff and the working hours.
ERP reporting helps you create reports of your enterprise asset management and displays the detailed reports of analysis of sales in intuitive customizable dashboards, Gantt charts, pie charts, etc. It will help you target your weak spots in the business and ensure consistency all the time.
All your finished products and raw materials from factory to the customers can be tracked and analyzed. Ensuring any delays, outages in manufacturing using the manufacturing ERP and productivity of the staffs including the efficiency of every department.


The application can be easily integrated and it will make your business architecture much stronger.

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It’s extremely hard to run a new construction site without the help of a construction management software construction management software. Construction software can only meet the ever-growing demands of customers. VOi handles your organizational data from one platform. Our construction ERP software offers an integrated solution for supervising the activities, projects, workers, payments, etc.

Construction ERP Dubai is employed in hundreds of projects including office buildings, apartments, colleges, and more. As the ERP solution providers in UAE, VOi delivers a web-based solution for construction management, project management, sales and leads management, document management, etc. We meet the needs of contracting companies, builders, and contractors monitoring all business aspects of the industry. .

ERP for contracting companies helps in ensuring every part of the job has been completed in a precise manner within the given time and budget. The ERP can offer accounting solutions to manage the construction site jobs running effortlessly by assessing the prices associated in every part of a project. When a complicated construction project arrives in ERP software companies in UAE, the customers wish to get a simple and easy to use solution from them.

As one of the best ERP software companies in Dubai, we can reduce the complexity of any building management problem smoothly and efficiently. Our ERP software UAE deals with sales and marketing, CRM, report generation, supply chain modules to expedite your construction processes and to get a successful business. The construction industry is now influenced by ERP companies in Dubai to work in an innovative way in construction management. We connect the whole business procedures from order to delivery and let your team members communicate in the same system.

We help contract managers by dividing a huge project into small tasks and scheduling them to each team. They can track the activities and can see the present status. With our integrated application; you can sell, produce leads, and make perfect decisions quickly. Our ERP seamlessly suits the construction companies to manage their inventory, finance, production, CRM, tender, and more. The error check and report generation will be fast so that, you can concentrate on the main strategies of the business.

An accurate construction management software can guarantee that your needs and objectives are met completely. We keep all of the tasks under control that ultimately drives to productivity. This will make everyone updated and also, give you the idea of the end result.

In the manufacturing industry; the business has to state today’s production status, yesterdays, as well as what is going to occur next. The industry needs to address numerous crucial strategic issues whether they want to be successful in this dynamically varying market. A manufacturing ERP is designed to accomplish the requirements of progressive manufacturing firms.

Our manufacturing ERP software is equipped with the ideal tools and components for handling a competitive business. We have a special focus on the running operations, activities, employee details, payments, and more. ERP software for manufacturing industry assists you in gaining efficiency and to improve profitability.

Furthermore, the manufacturing software in Dubai is used as a necessary link to improve integration between all functional areas within the manufacturing business. The unpredictability of today’s business environment has forced production to prioritize flexibility and client satisfaction. Production planning software ensures the quality of the products, meet customer goals, proper stocking, and keeping pace with the fast industrial revolution.

The manufacturing process management software comprises the core accounting module with stock control, online inquiry, project status information, schedule, resource allocation for each production procedures. With complete visibility and control over tasks, manufacturers can excellently manage and enhance the resources to achieve customer-driven deadlines punctually, arrange products to order, and manage inventory more efficiently.

Our ERP is made exclusively for you because we know the complex business processes. It addresses the problem of destruction of data in manufacturing companies. The system can work with input costs, raw materials, high competition, supply chains, employee work progresses, payroll, etc. to accelerate the production environment. VOi has flexible and versatile software in order to overcome the challenges of the industry.

To keep a company’s demand in the market, the attention should be on the main elements that drive the business. In our software system, when a work order is produced, automatically book required parts from stock and make prefilled purchase orders for missing components. We solve each issue and maximise every element without having a bad effect on the other. Software management depends on how to manage this complexity.

It enables constant performance initiatives, real-time connectivity, teamwork, communication, and more to deliver better business agility for great customer service. Our manufacturing software system provides us with true insights into your business. The integrated application supports operations like procurement, construction, inventory management, sales & marketing, asset maintenance, logistics, hr & payroll, etc.

We offers a specially customized trading ERP software for the trading industry to assist in distribution and trading procedures perfectly. As a trader, your priority is to help customers and form a consistent market presence. Our system is a leading and custom-made ERP for trading industry.

The trading industry is suffering continuous changes such as random behaviour of customers, their varying demands, and fluctuations in regulations. Our ERP for trading company contains an integrated business application with improved decision-making tools. The ERP for trading companies in UAE is meticulously designed to support wholesale traders and distributors equally. Since they need to overcome the current and future challenges to run the business faultlessly.

For attaining success, you must have a strong understanding of your sales, business procedures, and marketing policies. The best ERP software for trading company will help you to keep track of real-time market data and thus make new business approaches. A distribution ERP software performs a range of tasks like keeping an effectual supply chain, supporting difficult and differentiated pricing systems, managing workers, their attendance, and avoiding theft or damage. It delivers an end-to-end solution that controls each part of the trading business from order management, processes, supply chain, logistics, reporting, and documentation to financing.

A wholesale distribution ERP software emphasises on the data formation for all the related attributes like products, suppliers, price, sales, etc. You can simply analyse and compare price benefits, handle expenses, and track shipments using our ERP for distribution business. Every trading company would track their business tasks for knowing which of them are executing right and which of them needs perfection. By this, processes can escalate visibility, accuracy and demand planning in reporting. From this data analysis, you will get the required reports that will let you make decisions and can see business growth and profit.

We empower your sales team to supervise trends, cost management, and true order profitability. It involves sales order processing, invoicing, purchase, inventory, stock movement, financial accounting, etc. All provide the best financial control you can imagine from a web-based application. Trading ERP assists to track the work-flow of numerous departments. Be its packing and shipping of goods on a small scale or large scale to processing and distributing global orders, our business management solution is suitable for every size of trading businesses. So, you can see wonders if you select the right ERP.

We helps property developers and real estate companies with property management software to restructure the business processes and covers all areas of property sales management and sub-contractor management. We have robust property management software Dubai and CRM solutions for the real estate industry. Whatever the size, activities and users your company have, our real estate software will make your work and communication better that leads to decreased costs and increased profit.

We offer outstanding customer experience and features like sales, payroll, billing, CRM, etc. The set of available features promote the flexibility and efficiency of the business. The solutions of real estate software Dubai include broad modules that can streamline the complex processes and handle them simply, promoting improved visibility and control. The real estate ERP software provides user-friendly and well-supported solutions at every step of the real estate project phases.

Our ERP for real estate developers has been made from the growing needs of the real estate industry. The solutions record numerous features of properties for example area, category of asset, price, and more. It assists users to save every piece of data associated with the property unit. The software enables recording of leads with correct information, appropriate follow up of probable leads, and boost in ROI. The managers or owners can track inventory and consequently have an outline of the full property status.

The software guarantees agility and efficiency in your daily sales jobs. Keeping all documents in one standard platform with comfort and reliability in both record-keeping and file recovery. With such smart reports, customers can get attracted and recall buyers, improve overall functioning, and make timely investments to produce further income for profitable business evolution. The satisfaction experienced by our clients is proof of the value of service we give.

ERP system notifies the buying, selling, and renting property in your location and their complete details. It automates how real estate specialists conduct their business with the commercial real estate asset management, property management, and real estate marketing. Having a detailed understanding of how the real estate industry works and its present trends can deliver complete solutions for clients, real estate contractors, and builders.

The ERP send alerts like notifications with real-time updates. The more you make personalized conversations, the more you achieve loyalty, brand credibility, and customers. We bring a centralized platform to capture and process all your leads, invoices, documents, payment reminders, etc.

Creating great strategies for Human Resources and executing them among employees is one of the most significant and hardest tasks of an HR professional. HR & Payroll module for a business is specifically designed to meet the operational and functional needs of the industry. It helps your staffs from making the payroll works much easier than before. HR and payroll solution Dubai provides a fully integrated functionality, allowing the departments to access, execute, work and achieve all aspects of the company’s HR and payroll functions.

HR professionals must be cautious while making strategies for HRMS Dubai. Because they affect employees. There are chances for occurring legal issues while processing. HR solutions Dubai can simply keep a record of employee details like shift assignment, location, attendance, salary calculation, and statutory compliance. A revolutionary payroll software Dubai assists to simply handle the payroll functions of your company. It automatically computes salaries, accounting for taxes, refunds, bonuses, statutory deductions, and loans through our intuitive HR payroll software Dubai.

The payroll solutions Dubai has a full range of tools and components to run everyday tasks more efficiently and gain better insight into the company’s or business’s payroll processes. The salary management software is proficient enough to give employee’s complete salary details, special rewards, incentives etc. on a screen with few clicks which replaces the necessity of searching the manual records. Like salary management, a leave management software certifies the smooth working of HR policies and keep the records of employee leaves.

Payroll software can be able to manage the features such as employee documentation, employee compensation, and wages etc. efficiently. The system can also help with income tax planning. You can empower people with modest, powerful and strong payroll solution and can keep your promise of paying your staffs at the right time. Staff portal can be accessed by the employees to get the details of their own attendance, leave, payslip, etc. Employees can update and maintain their data through the system and can keep track of deduction as well as instalment details.

The larger the business, the difficulties of the HR function will certainly increase. Therefore, our product is customized to the organization’s requirement that increases the competence just with the touch of a button. Our professionals offer suitable and cost-effective solutions only after analysing the market, its needs and trends.


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