ERP for Construction and Infrastructure Industry

Those from the construction industry know the dynamic changes affecting a project. From planning to execution, the entire project cycle needs much effort for accuracy. Construction management software is the solution to all the issues from budgeting to tracking of the project implementation.

We have construction management software for builders and contractors to help them with the distribution and management of time, tools, resources and workers. Each of this section will have a huge amount of data. An ERP integrates the data from all the functional departments of the company. ERP for the construction industry and infrastructure assists in Project Estimation, Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Labour Contract Management, Inventory Control, and more.

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    Construction Management Software - Features

    Our uniquely designed ERP for contractors and construction industry has the following features:
    • Project Management
    • Task Management
    • Contract Management
    • Material Management
    • Integrated invoicing
    • HR Management
    • Report Generation
    • Accounting
    • Enquiry Tracking
    • Tender and Bids
    • Document Management
    • Internal Logistics
    • Service Management
    • CRM
    • Dashboard for Alerts
    • Subcontractor Management
    • Facility and Equipment Management
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Payroll Processing
    • Compatibility with External Devices
    • Order Management: Accept job orders and sales orders. These will be transformed into invoices once prepared.
    • Contract Management: Most of the works are done by numerous contractors. So, the contract management module is entirely compliant to many work orders essential for the industry to get produced.
    • Inventory Management: Handling construction supplies and inventory is always a long and difficult procedure. It needs special knowledge and expertise. ERP systems let you do the simple sourcing, purchasing, scheduling, storage and checking of raw materials. Also, it gives total control over resources, records of inventory, etc.
    • Project Management: Project managers can simply use the ERP to find budget overruns on time and easily give the current status of the project. It will help to maintain a budget for the future, store all documents safely, and make the administration activities simple.
    • HR: The HR department faces issues related to the constantly changing nature of builders’ work. The construction ERP Dubai helps for the hiring of a perfect candidate and handling payrolls, obeying with HR rules, training employees, monitoring employee attendances, etc.
    • Report Generation: Appropriate and precise data is vital for success. The system runs complete reports by a click. It checks diverse variables guaranteeing you have business intelligence to make up-to-date results.
    • Finance Management: The module delivers the entire tasks associated with their everyday accounting requirements. It directly incorporates with other main modules and the vouchers linked to all type of costs and receipts gets produced automatically.
    • CRM: Customer Relationship Management system allows builders to effortlessly track, process, and share client’s data inside the firm. This module helps to make better communication between contractors and clients.
    • Helps to simplify all financials immediately including cost-to-complete, consumer billings, receipts, and more.
    • End-to-end processes excellence
    • Automated payroll processing.
    • Easy billing and on-time collections
    • Centralised document management and monitoring
    • Streamlined operations
    • Improved use of resources
    • The dashboard delivers job cost information, financial data, and operational data to simplify the decision-making process
    • Better financial control
    • Eliminate duplicate data
    • Scalability
    • Centralized control of stock movement

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