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VOi IT Solutions manufacturing ERP is designed to manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently and cost effectively. We provide complete ERP solution in UAE, typically suited to the following industry verticals like auto component manufacturers, consumer products, industrial machinery, textiles, food and beverages.

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    Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system is a production-focused control system that encompasses production planning, scheduling and inventory of components, raw materials and other parts or assemblies required to produce finished goods. An MRP system ensures that material and equipment are available for production and allows for the planning of any associated purchasing. Our manufacturing ERP system automates all business operations, providing accurate, real-time information.

    Manufacturing ERP Dubai

    • Customer Service & Order Management
    • Advanced Planning & Scheduling
    • Operations & Production Management
    • Inventory Control
    • Financial Management & Analytics
    • Sales Automation & Document Management
    • Asset Tracking
    • Payroll and Human Recourse Management
    • Fixed Assets Management

    Manufacturing & Production Management Software in UAE

    Manufacturing transforms traditional job shop industries to integrate with advanced supply chain network to meet global demand by increasing visibility, improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer service levels, and reducing lead.
    Process Manufacturing offers an adaptive methodology to automate the recipe-based industries by enabling them in formulating new products, managing variability, optimizing capacity and driving continuous process improvement to meet global demands in a short span.
    • Increases production efficiency
    • Minimizes manufacturing lead time and meets customer’s demand with flexible scheduling options
    • Improves forecast accuracy
    • Improves efficiency of shop floor operations with accurate and real time production information
    • Controls utilization of manufacturing resources for optimum performance
    • Gains detailed cost analysis capabilities
    • Monitors new product developments
    • “What if” scenario analysis
    • Efficient tracking of WIP
    • Increases production efficiency and tight control over ingredients and processes
    • Minimizes manufacturing lead times and meets customer demand with flexible scheduling options
    • Provides real-time visibility into quality at every phase of production including raw materials, intermediates, byproducts, sub lots and final products
    • Immediate generation of compliance reports
    • Controls utilization of manufacturing resources for optimum performance
    • Gains detailed cost analysis capabilities
    • “What-if” scenario analysis
    • Provides simulated yield results for scale up and down of different batches

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