Business Typing Center Software

Our ERP is exclusively customized for AMER, TADBEER & TASHEEL centers to help you in your business procedures. The business typing center software takes care of visa services, transaction services, typing services, document clearing, and much more. We know about the complex business concerns; thus it needs thorough understanding, planning, and proper execution. Our software system avoids a long time in queues and can process the documents rapidly.

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    Amer, Tadbeer & Tasheel ERP Software

    The printing process of invoices is structured for individual users and it can be displayed in Arabic screen too. Usually, the typing centres are dependent on paper-based managerial work. But it results in improper filing, delay, duplication, and regular repeat visits. We made the tiresome processes fast with our business typing center software to save your precious time. The system is intended to escalate the process effectiveness and productivity. The services are offered with the knowledge of laws and processes associated with governmental transactions and without any hidden costs.

    • Customer Management
    • Multi-Accounts Posting
    • Arabic Screen for Invoicing
    • VAT Enabled Invoicing
    • HR & Payroll
    • Finance & Accounts
    • Sales
    • User-friendly
    • Reminder Alert
    • Saves time and money
    • Avoid duplication of data
    • Less operational cost
    • Support
    • Report Generation

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